Written by Gary Gygax, and first published in 1980, 'The Keep on the Borderlands', has been acclaimed as the single bestselling roleplaying game scenario to date, and in 2004 was ranked by Dungeon magazine, as "the 7th greatest Dungeons & Dragons adventure of all time".

A dungeon-crawl in the most classic sense, PCs begin by arriving at the eponymous keep, which serves as a base of operations for their excursions to the infamous monster-filled caverns in the nearby hills, known as The Caves of Chaos.

The Caves of Chaos await a band of foolish adventurers. We're going to be taking it back to 1981 with Tom Moldvay and Basic D&D. It's me, wielding the deadly DM sword while Dave, Hilary, John and Andrew try to outwit, outsmart and outplay.Adam Koebel

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