played by Andrew
Nymeth by MartinPeder
Nymeth character token, by Martin Pedersen
Character Information
Class Elf
Level Lvl. 1
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Lived Ep.9 - Ep.15
Death by Pierced by Pixies.
STR 13 INT 12
DEX 10 WIS 11
CON 13 CHA 10
Max HP 6
Spells Known
  • Sleep
Languages Spoken
  • Common
  • Elvish
  • Gnoll
  • Hobgoblin
  • Orcish
Nymeth is an eligible Elven knight, adorned in gleaming plate armour and Hawthorne's unrequited affections.

Nymeth is the Elvish word for 'nightmare'.