Hirelings are a fundamental, if sometimes short-lived part of the game and the Party. They are available to hire in the Keep and the possible level of the hireling available is depended on the PC who searches for them.

Their usefulness increases with their level, starts with them carrying torches, being a meatshield or using the 10 ft pole to search for traps. Eventually they even become able to perform adequately in combat.

Hirelings that were ambitious enough to come along Edit

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Bildo Daggins Edit

This accomplished Halfling master of building and architecture was hired by The Shadow and wanted the treasures gained from dungeoneering to realise his dream of building his own tower that reaches the heavens so that all who mocked him for his small statue would have to look up to him. Sadly this dream was cut short by the Hobgoblin Chieftain.

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Dark Wolf Edit

This former town Drunk cast away his keg to become a brave adventurer and change his image. In the end he was brave enough to try to secure the retreat of the party from the hobgoblin Chief and his surviving guards and lied down his life down doing so.

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Julian the Weasel Edit

The first hireling to have the honor to accompany the party into the Caves of Chaos

Hirelings that were too smart to be hired Edit

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Smirking Carlos Edit

The first hireling to turn down the party's offer to join them. He soon began antagonising the party by making snide comments and spreading rumors about them in town.