Glasap Icli
played by Hilary
Character Information
Class Cleric
Level Lvl. 1
Gender Anarchist
Alignment Chaotic
Lived Ep.10 - Ep.13
Death by Struck down by Hobgoblin Chieftain
STR 12 INT 10
DEX 7 WIS 14
CON 11 CHA 12
Max HP 2
Languages Spoken
  • Common
  • The Language of Chaos
Glasap Icli was a shifty-eyed priest of some indifferent mendicant order, before our heroes led them astray.

World-weary and impudent, Glasap mocked both The Shadow and Nymeth, at some length, for making tragically flawed plans.

Glasap Icli has proven themself to be a skilled demagogue, inciting a kindling religion in the Goblin-occupied Caves of Chaos.